Your Personal Creative Guide



My mission is to create functional and aesthetically pleasing solutions. I take it into heart to focus on sustainability whenever possible. I'm forever consciously expanding myself and bringing LOVE, ART and BEAUTY in this world

in my own unique way.

I help create a solid brand image and a visual identity that works.


Together we'll create a brand strategy and

a visual identity that:


authentically represents You or Your product,

is visually consistent in all media,

stands out and people remember it,

is profitable,

creates ease and clarity in Your work.

In addition to that, I can do package and

marketing design and other needed

graphic design projects.


Air Pressure


“Elerin was precise in creating an authentic strategy and a visual identity

for Cinnamon Yoga, also helping with the pricing. I got ideas how to land more of the right clients. She easily worked with the whole team.

I liked her initiative and her way of leading.

Elerin showed me my personal blocks standing in the way of moving my brand forward and helped me move through them."

—  Liisianne Kruusmägi / Founder & Yoga Instructor at Cinnamon Yoga



When you want to figure out what you might need - may it be branding or in other creative projects. This service is also excellent for breaking through obstacles and continuous support.


I will create your brand image and identity from scratch or when you are in need of a rebrand. I will be supporting you in developing a strategy.  


When you need a little bit of graphic design here and there or even help with decorating/refreshing your home/office, then I am here to help.

Disclaimer: Projects starting from 500 require at least a 30% prepayment. The remaining 70% of total payment must be paid before handing over final project files. 


Lets create artwork for Your website, ad campaigns, social media, books & PDF-s etc.

Custom visuals and curated text images brings character to what Your brands social image.

Currently about interior design. Soon to morph into my passion for branding, all things creative and the inner world. 



Thank You! 

  • Describe your project as precisely as you can. 

  • If you have files to send right away that You cannot send as a link, please send a direct e-mail to: elerindesign@gmail.com

  • Phone nr: +372 56 818 280.

  • If needed we can set up a skype/zoom call for our first call and later meetings.