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My name is Elerin and my mission is to create functional and aesthetically pleasing solutions. I take it into heart to focus on sustainability whenever possible. I'm forever consciously expanding myself and bringing LOVE, ART and BEAUTY in this world in my own unique way.

Selection of digital illustrations and art
Creative director for Cinnamon Yoga
Illustrated element of a recycled EARTH
Creative design for Berrichi biocosmetics
Logo design for Eloise
Logo design for "Butterfly Story" by Jaya
Visual identity for Õnnelik Naine
Illustrations in MOOD magazine
Illustrations in MOOD magazine

I help create a solid brand image and identity, so that you can easily serve your clients.

Imagine yourself at a start of a NEW beginning or at a crossroads already serving your ideal or almost-dream clients. 


You either want to start a business or upgrade your current brand and you are READY to follow your calling into the amazing vision you hold dear.


First off let us celebrate for a minute!


Now this is where I come in.

Whatever you might be burdened or confused by in creating a brand that brings Your truest expression forth in personality, behaviour and visuals -

I am here to bring you CLARITY and EASE 

in getting clients notice and engage with your brand.


We will tie it all together in a beautiful package being one step closer to reaching your goal.

Marble Surface


“Collaborating with Elerin resulted in a beautifully designed office, that is cozy, comfortable and very enjoyable

for our employees and clients.

She is innovative, warm, attentive and understands your wishes even if you don't know how to word them.

We are grateful for her excellent teamwork and inspiring creations in both interior and graphic design."

interior design / graphic design

—  Jekaterina Krabu

CIO & Business Development Partner at Krabu Grupp



When you want to figure out what you might need - may it be branding or in other creative projects. This service is also excellent for breaking through obstacles and continuous support.


I will create your brand image and identity from scratch or when you are in need of a rebrand. I will be supporting you in developing a strategy.  

Regular consultation : 75 €/hr.

Breakthrough meeting: 250 €/hr.


When you need a little bit of graphic design here and there or even help with decorating/refreshing your home/office, then I am here to help.


Published in:

mood logo.png

Digital illustrations for your brand! Possibility to also order custom standalone illustration art. My little shop of accessories:

Disclaimer: Projects starting from 500 require at least a 30% prepayment. The remaining 70% of total payment must be paid before handing over final project files. I hereby give myself the freedom to start off a project with a customized paid plan: 30%-70% method or monthly payment(s) depending on the project - work will start, when we have reached an agreement beforehand

Currently about interior design. Soon to morph into my passion for branding, all things creative and the inner world. 




  • Describe your project and mission/vision in Estonian or English as precisely as you can. 

  • If you have files to send right away that You cannot send as a link, please send a direct e-mail to:

  • Phone nr +372 56 818 280.

  • We can set up a skype/zoom call for our first call and later meetings.

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