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Revamping a tiny modern apartment

My love for interior design continues. My partner (especially) and I have been interested in investing into real estate and revamping apartments or creating them from the scratch. This spring we had an opportunity to try it out and that apartment is now available as an AirBnb stay.

Check it out here:

The apartment itself was already built and designed enough to only make a few changes. That worked for us, because we wanted to keep the touch up budget friendly.

Bedroom mood

Since it is a tiny apartment, the idea was to keep everything simple and connected, continuing the started design. Also, if it's an AirBnb apartment, there are other things to keep in mind. It should look nice, but it has to be more practical in order for more people to be able to stay there. For example, you might lose some choices in picking out a couch (for tiny spaces). We had to carefully measure the size of the couch that went into this apartment, because every centimeter was in count.

Living room mood

I for one, absolutely loved the unique color shades game on the living room wall.

The look before with the new mood pictures:

In the living room and kitchen area we only added a couch and a coffee table, changed the placement of the TV (next to the kitchen cabinets) and added needed cutlery and devices for the kitchen area. The plywood exterior and drywalls were halfway done in the hallway and toilet, but by our judgement, needed a bit of reconstruction. There was a small area in the toilet, where the old wooden wall was cut out for everyone to see as a cool detail - that ended up being painted white to look more pleasing to the eye.

Some before pictures of the hallway and toilet with a new close up look to the wooden surface:

The only room we had to change the most was the bathroom. It was almost done, but we didn't like the quality of it and decided to tone it down a bit as well to match with the overall apartment. Since every room is super tiny, going excess with the design doesn't work that well overall. Taking note on our budget we decided to go for a simple white and grey look. The grey tile extends from the floor to the one side of the shower area wall.

Before and after pictures of the bathroom:

It honestly was a pretty fun project to do! I love the process of planning, coming up with ideas and then keeping the overall vision together. It's like a little fun game.

I didn't really end up taking a lot of great pictures of the apartment myself, only tried out this lens meant for mostly close-ups. You can definitely see better pictures in the AirBnb link I provided above :)

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