Liisianne helps You transform Your body and mind as a whole through yoga, so that You can reach Your desired goal. She will personally guide, support and help You get the best possible form physically and mentally for both beginner and advanced students. You can find Cinnamon Yoga at:

The essence of this brand identity is to bring out, who Liisianne is and what she offers. Her strong but soft approach, seeing the body and mind as a whole and inspiring people to take care of their health. To start the brand out towards the grand vision she holds. Both Evelin and I focused on bringing it forth as minimalistic, clean, natural, conscious and getting-straight-to-the-point. 


Client: Liisianne

Creative director / visual identity / strategist: Elerin

Graphic designer: Evelin -


I have the honor to be the creative director, while also working on the overall strategy and offering continuous support for the client. 

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Photo: Alina Birjuk


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