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7 things I learned competing in a reality TV show

Updated: Aug 4, 2018

In 2016, my partner and I decided to send in our applications to take part in a reality TV show called "Better than Your neighbor" and after not making the first cut (close call), a pair decided to back down and we were next in line. Yay!

All contestants had to prove their building and decorating skills to win the opportunity to get the apartment for themselves in the end. Well, 20% off from the loan and all of the furniture for free. It's a pretty good deal, considering how expensive it is to purchase a new apartment nowadays.

I won't stop on too much, what the show is about, so, why did we take part in it and what did I learn from it?

View to the bedroom with PULO design lamps

We really wanted to build something with our own hands and that seemed like the fastest opportunity to do so. The main thing was not to just hopefully win our very own place, but to really have fun and challenge ourselves. No shortage of the latter, haha!

So what were the 7 things that I learned?

1. Learned the most about building, practically - which was exactly, what we both wanted to achieve there. And apparently, also, how to plaster the walls like a professional.

2. Learned that if you ask, you are most likely given and if not - everything is figureoutable.

3. Learned that the showmanship and being liked is the most important thing in a TV show. It's all about how people will connect to you and your story. Like in business, it's how much they like you and what you do, but in a show, where other people edit and also guide the narrative of "you", you sort of lose a bit of control too and have to see how to navigate, what Life brings you in a very short amount of time. In business, you lead your own narrative.

4. Learned that I'm capable of creating bigger things in life. I do have the stamina for it.

5. Learned that people most of the time genuinely want to help. So very thankful for everyone.

6. Learned that the relationships, connections matter more than the actual experience itself. Going through something like this, together.

7. Learned that I had been neglecting having fun more than I thought I did! Great lesson!

Even though we didn't win, I do not regret taking part in it. If anyone asks me if I recommend taking part in the show, I'd say - only if you are up for being under pressure for 3-4 months in front of many people and really taking this as an opportunity than anything else! There are other ways to manifest a home, with a lot less stress, yet it's still a great opportunity. I wonder, what it looked like, if you got the apartment fully free. Now that show would really catch on fire, haha. I would watch that!

And you know, what is the most amazing thing? That people either with skills or little skills, create such beautiful and practically designed apartments in a short period of time with limited resources. Freaking love that part! Very inspiring.

Since our participance is a thing of the past now, I wouldn't want to share too many details. I just want to share, what I learned and what we ended up creating - hopefully you like it too. Cheers!

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